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Legend of Adora

A comic book saga by Tiago da Silva

A Lenda de Adora, Vol. I
brevemente à venda


The Beginning

“No one ever imagined that the school trip to the museum could lead to this…”

It was just a regular school trip until Ash and Ollie wander through the museum hallways on their own. Ollie follows is friend has Ash finds a room full of artifacts.  Curious by a faint light coming out from a chest, Ash opens it to look inside, where he finds a strange cube-shaped thing. As he grabs the object, it starts glowing.

The artifact turns out be a key, a magical item possessing the power to create a connection to another world, a world called Adora. But the passage between the two worlds is not without consequences. Nothing will ever be the same; in Adora the very rules of the universe are different.

And so, the adventure begins…

What is it?

Legend of Adora is a comic book series, a personal project I’ve been developing for the past five years. The book you can download here for free is the first of the series.

It all began with an artwork I’ve created years ago, during the creative process of this illustration I began picturing a world, with all these characters, soon an entire story was born.

The Adora series was imagined to be read has a printed book.  All pages are to be viewed in double spread and there’s a very special three page spread. I was unable to get it printed through a crowdfunding campaign, nor I could get the book to a publisher.

I’ve decided make this first book free in a digital format, at least everyone gets the chance to read it. But I’m working still on the chance of self-publishing and have a printed version soon, so stay tuned. I’ve already started working second book.

If you like the book and want to help the project going, you can give your support.


Main Characters


legendofadora rhea

Rhea is from Adora, a young elf girl, she’s very discipled and focused, mostly due to her training. She’s always trying to hide her emotions, has that is the way of her people.


legend of adora ollie

Ollie has a very calm personality, he's a very smart kid, best of his class. Ollie lacks confidence, kids at school like to pick on him due to his introverted personality.


legend of adora ash

Ash, let’s just say this, wherever he goes, trouble follows. Extroverted and good-hearted, impulsive and reckless, never takes in consideration the consequences of his actions.

legend of adora

Support the Project!

You can give your support the project with a donation, and you can also help by spreading the word and sharing on social networks this project and the download page of the book. I hope you read and enjoyed Legend of Adora#1!

Feel free to contact me, give your opinion about the book or just say “Hi”.

Thank you for your support!
Tiago da Silva